We are glad that you have stopped in for a visit.  You will probably learn quite a bit about us by browsing this website.  However, we hope you will also experience who we are and learn even more by coming to one of our services, Bible studies, or activities.  Here at Grace we truly have something for every age!

Why do we exist?  We are here in Mankato to obey the clear command of Christ. He said, “As you go into the entire world, be making disciples, baptizing, and training them to observe all I have commanded you…”  We really have a big job to accomplish!  We are a local functioning body and Christ is the head of that body.  His Word is our foundation and guidebook.

We exist for the praise of His glory – May glory come from our church to Him.  Whatever we do, we do for the glory of God.  He is worthy of our praise and worship.  That worship includes our work and service.

So, to think of a string of verbs for why we exist… Exalt and enjoy Him. Evangelize those without Christ.  Edify through Biblical instruction and fellowship, and enable God’s people to worship and serve Him.