Philosophy of Ministry:

We exist to . . .

  • Honor God through Worship
  • Connect with others through Fellowship
  • Grow spiritually through Discipleship
  • Discover blessing through Ministry
  • Reach the world through Evangelism
    • Matthew 22:37-40; 28:19-20

We seek to be . . .

  • Doxologically Driven: We seek to glorify God in everything we do!
  • Family Focused: We seek to assist parents in the spiritual training of their children.
  • Bible Based: We seek to train students in the Scriptures, not in popular opinion.
  • Christ Centered: We seek to develop disciples of Christ, not to entertain the masses (but we do have fun)!

Programs and Activities

  • Wednesday Nights: This is a time meant to challenge and encourage everyone. The center of the evening is a Bible study or series that focuses on an issue that young people commonly struggle with or are faced with in today’s sinful society. Other things that make the evening fun are theme nights, prayer time, small-groups, fellowship, food, singing, and games.
  • Sunday School: This is a time set apart to train students in sound Biblical teaching. Study topics could be anything from studying a certain book of the Bible to a study on how to relate to other family members in a Christ-like way. The purpose of this time is instruction and discussion of Biblical truth.
  • Youth Activities: Youth activities and get-togethers occur at least once a month and have the purpose of stimulating good Christian fellowship. They also provide a great opportunity to reach out to others!
  • Parent Ministry: We desire to incorporate ways to encourage and equip parents in their vital role of training up their children in the things of God.

Spiritual Development & Service

  • Spiritual Development: Development of a deeper relationship with Christ is the greatest goal for our teenagers. This process begins with salvation and continues with discipleship. We believe in personal discipleship and accountability with other believers, learning how to have a regular quiet time, prayer, and Scripture memorization.
  • Serving in our church: Our students are challenged to use their God-given abilities and energy for service in many areas of Grace Baptist Church. Our philosophy is that teens should learn how to serve in the local church while they are young. They can serve in special music, choir, speaking, Jr. Church, drama, nursery, and children’s ministry. Periodically, our teenagers will conduct a youth service in the Sunday evening service of Grace Baptist.
  • Serving outside of our church: Our students are challenged to reach out to the community and their schools with the truth of the gospel. True Christianity should be evidenced by good deeds – they are the fruit, not the root of true faith. Some of the methods we have used or will use to reach others outside of our church are: community service, passing out gospel tracts, conducting nursing-home services, and missions trips to other parts of the UnitedStates and around the world.